Coxing Membership

Fancy trying something new and exciting with a healthy and busy social scene? The cox or coxswain is a vital member of any rowing crew and is in charge of the rowers and the boat. Even though the cox doesn’t help in moving the boat their role is of the utmost importance by keeping the rowers working together and keeping them safe. Leicester Rowing Club is always in need of coxes and you will be made very welcome.

We will introduce you to coxing using one of our stable Explore Rowing boats and place you with experienced crews to pick up the basics. Once you get confident you can move into our racing boats and if you keep at it soon be out coxing your crews in regattas all over the country.  If interested please Contact Us.

The Basics

The cox typically sits in the stern of a 4 or an 8 giving instructions via a built in microphone to the rowers and steers the boat. It is an important role including both keeping the boat on a safe and good course but keeping the crew together and motivated.

The stereotype of a Cox is of a smaller, confident person but many great coxes exist that don’t fit this stereotype. You can be male for female, young or old, tall or short, loud or quiet and you can still enjoy coxing and be good at it.

Training & Racing

The cox is a vital member of the crew and a coxed boat cant get out on the water without them.  Learning to cox at Leicester is easy due to it being straight and only about 1000m in length meaning you will have support from the river bank at all times.

Once your crew is ready to race there are races all year round in locations over the country from long Head Races in the winter to fast sprints in summer Regattas.


A full years coxing membership is just £45 allowing you to cox whilst at Leicester and represent the club in competitions.  To apply to join as a cox please Contact Us

Anyone with any previous coxing experience including students on their summer break are also very welcome to come down and get involved.