Leicester Regatta

4- Ben Pickering, Tom Harding, Matt Bowles, Cillian Cook
W.4x- Band 1 Becky Henry, Hazel Ward, Grace Haracz, Jocelyn Parkes-Bowen
W.MasC/D.4x- Liz Pulford, Sally Horrocks, Angela Holohan, Naomi Ellis
Mx.MasC/D.4x- Graham Clark, Ben Pickering, Angela Holohan, Naomi Ellis
2x Band 1 Max Hearnden, Joe Haracz
1x Band 2 Harvey Toor
J15.1x Band 2 James Bradshaw
W.1x Band 2 Orla Holohan

Nottingham Autumn Head 2018

WMas 4x- Sally Horrocks, Angela Holohan, Liz Pulford, Naomi Ellis

Mas E 1x  Graham Clark

W.1x Band 4  Orla Holohan

4-  Ben Pickering, Cillian Cook, Matt Bowles,Tom Harding

W.B3.4X-  Emma Crouch, Katarzyna Kmiecik, Sarah Peck and Sinead Kirk
The 2nd Leicester quad were only 7 seconds adrift of the winning time.
Special mention to Vicky Heath and Lauren Tyrrell who had their first race in tricky conditions and performed admirably.