Ancholme head race – 10th October

J18.2x – Teddy Sherman & James Bradshaw (fastest boat of the day before handicap)

W.MasC.4x- Liz Pulford, Hazel Ward, Ang Holohan, Sally Horrocks

MasD.2x – Graham Clark & Paul Andrew

MasF.1x – Graham Clark

W.J18.2x – Lydia Gough & Emma Stewart

J17.1x – Ethan Brown

Beginner.2x – Roy Charman & Fergus Chalmers (in their first rowing race)

W.J17.1x – Fait Punia (fastest women’s single of the day)

Henley Royal Regatta – 11th-15th August

The Princess Royal Challenge Cup – Runner up – Lauren Henry

Lauren Henry came 2nd in this event. She beat some stiff opposition on her way to the final, including a newly crowned Olympic champion and in the end only lost out by 3ft after a strong push at the end of the race. Another amazing achievement by Lauren and Howard.

Burton Regatta – 10th July

  • MasD.2x – Graham Clark and Paul Andrew¬†
  • J17.2x – Teddy Sherman and Ethan Brown
  • W.MasE.2x – Liz Pulford and Sally Horrocks
  • W.J17.2x – Emma Stewart and Lydia Gough
  • J17.1x – Teddy Sherman
  • J16.1x – Ethan Brown
  • J15.1x Jeremy Gundle
  • W.J17.1x – Blythe Lyons
  • W.J16.1x – Fait Punia