Learn to Row

Leicester Rowing Club welcomes new members throughout the year depending on the availability of our volunteer coaches.   Membership rates are £26 a month for seniors, £14  for juniors (more details)

The current opportunities for each squad are shown below:

Experienced Rowers

If you have any previous experience of rowing,  no matter how long ago and are keen to start up again please contact us to see how we can best fit you into the club.

Coxing Membership

Anyone keen to try out coxing can join the club without any waiting list and will given full support and coaching.  For more information check out our coxing membership page then contact us to book a free session on the water.

Juniors – ages 11 to 17

The junior squad is always on the lookout for aspiring new members.  If you are fit and active, and looking for a sport which promotes a healthy and active lifestyle please email juniors@leicester-rowing.co.uk to express your interest in joining.

Recreational Squad

Anyone keen to join the Recreation Squad please Contact Us and you will be added to the waiting list

Senior Racing Squads – ages 18+

Senior learn to row sessions take place on Saturday mornings from 11:30am – 1pm and Thursday evenings 6pm – 7:30pm.   We welcome anyone into the racing squads but anyone joining needs to know that, compared to other sports, there is a significant time and effort commitment involved in rowing.

Our club coaches will support you via coaching and training plans but rowing isn’t the kind of sport where you can only come down occasionally and still expect to get into a regular boat and progress. We don’t say this to put you off but there is a steep learning curve to rowing and all too often we lose new members due to the time, commitment and training needed to get to race level.

To apply for membership please complete our online Senior Membership Application Form and we will get back to you with the next available session.